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At the Game Bakery, game developers and other creative pioneers work just like a baker bakes his bread: expertly, patiently and passionately. With synergy and an exchange of knowledge, we achieve better results.


Game Bakery is a cooperative. In our case, this means an association of game related companies. Every member of the association is a part-owner of the cooperative.

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Game Bakery Meetups is a series of networking events for game developers. Every event is specifically created for one alternating discipline. However, everyone who is interested is welcome to join!

The events are kicked off by a short talk from an expert in the discipline in question; Over the past few years we have attracted speakers from Grendel Games from Grendel Games, Guerrilla Games and Abbey Games.

Sketch Gatherings

The Groningen Sketch Gathering was founded to assemble illustrators and concept artists of any level.
During every fun drawing session, you improve your drawing skills and meet new people from the creative industry.

These meetings take place/are scheduled once a month on a Friday evening.

Latest news

  • Earlier this year, we celebrated our move and “reopening” with a gathering that turned out really well! That’s why we’re announcing that the Game Bakery Holiday Drinks will also be making a return! The Holiday Drinks serves to...

  • A group of Game Bakery members was contracted by board game designer WeGo Sustainable to create a digital game for use in New Energy Business School (formerly Energy Delta Institute) courses. In “Offshore Energy Game”, players have to com...

  • It’s been a while, but we think it’s high time for a new gathering of the Northern Dutch game industry! Game Bakery is still alive and kicking after this long pandemic, and we have even moved offices during the lockdown. Our move was one ...

  • Tonight, Tuesday the 10th of May, the Game Bakery organises a showcase of games (being) developed at the Game Bakery in cooperation with the cultural society of the RUG, the Usva. The goal is to show that there are many more interesting game projects...

  • The game industry has various disciplines such as drawing, animating, modeling, programming and designing. But one of the somewhat less highlighted nonetheless important disciplines within the industry is hardware. If someone that draws is an artist ...

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