Two Dutch Game Awards for Game Bakery members!

Two Dutch Game Awards for Game Bakery members!

Today marks the Game Bakery’s 7th birthday, and we could not wish for a better week to celebrate: two games that our members worked on won a Dutch Game Award this week!

Age of Wonders 4, on which our member Multiverse Narratives (Gerben Grave) was a narrative designer, took home the award for Best Game. Additionally, developer Triumph Studios won the Best Studio Award, celebrating their 25 years of game development. Gerben not only collaborated on the game, but also represented the company at the awards, so he got the honour of accepting both awards in Triumph’s stead.

Isonzo, from BlackMill Games where member Thomas Jager works as Operations Director, won the award for Best Audio! The jury complemented their sound design as well as the original musical score, which includes a true opera track sung in Italian!

See below for some footage of the winning games!

Announcement trailer for Age of Wonders 4, on which Multiverse Narratives worked as Narrative Designer
Recent trailer for Isonzo, on which Thomas worked as Operations Director