Visit the Game Bakery × Usva showcase!

Visit the Game Bakery × Usva showcase!

Tonight, Tuesday the 10th of May, the Game Bakery organises a showcase of games (being) developed at the Game Bakery in cooperation with the cultural society of the RUG, the Usva. The goal is to show that there are many more interesting game projects in development in Groningen than you might think. In our showcase, we are showing a diverse range of projects: from entertainment to serious games, all made at the Game Bakery. You can also use this opportunity to learn more about the creation process from the game developers that will be present.

The showcase will take place at the Usva on Munnekeholm 10 in Groningen. Doors open at 20:30.

Tickets are available here (Usva) for €3.

The following Game Bakery games will be playable:

  • Autogame Deluxe – BoterJan
  • Eloquence – Multiverse Narratives
  • Stargazer Prototype – Multiverse Narratives
  • Offshore Energy Game – Game Bakery (created for WeGo Sustainable / Energy Delta Institute)

  • Bonus: two projects from the CMGT programme of Hanze UAS