Share Your Stuff Friday: Michiel Procé & Cloudwhale debut!

Share Your Stuff Friday: Michiel Procé & Cloudwhale debut!

Share Your Stuff: September

Last Friday we had the honor to watch our monthly “Share Your Stuff Friday” presentation with our two new additions to the Game Bakery: Michiel Procé and Cloudwhale!

After 4 years of being a furniture maker Michiel decided to go back to his previous craft: programming.

“As I’ve always been passionate about game programming I decided to join the Game Bakery and try and find some freelance work.”

In his presentation he showed us furniture, cats and game projects! He’s currently working on a project for Nestables, an interactive crypto-collectible game.

If you wanna find out more about Michiel, check out his website!

But Michiel wasn’t the only one presenting. We also had the honor of seeing the work of Cloudwhale, a company that’s making an accessible games platform for the physically disabled! With a good story and slick UI they told us about their mission to provide games for a demographic that’s often neglected.

“The Game Bakery members were great for giving us new ideas and direction to take our project in. For a new team like us its great to have the collective expertise of the members to lend a helping hand.”

They showed us a quick demo of their product and introduced themselves to the rest of the Bakers. If you wanna know more about Cloudwhale, check out their website.